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Urban Loft Cologne Breakfast

URBAN Breakfast Buffet

Simple but delicious - our breakfast buffet to start your day. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Crispy croissants. Pancake machine. Yoghurts in different variations. A large selection of delicious food and drinks. There's something for everyone here. For a great start to the day.

Out-of-house guests are also welcome for EUR 16 per person. Breakfast is served from 07:00 - 11:00.

In addition, two fully automatic coffee machines are available for free use in the LOFT from 11:30 pm - 11:30 am. Here you can prepare different coffee specialties as you like.

Drinks in der Bar


Local meets cosmopolitan.

Drinks and great works of art have a lot in common. Both inspire. Both are intoxicating in their own way. And in the best case, you combine both. Our bar menu is full of energy.

Our cocktails are created with love. With local ingredients, from locally distilled gin to ginger beer from the small neighbourhood manufactory. Some of them are only available here in Cologne. Our bar team can work magic. Don't you think? After one drink you will.


Urban Loft Cologne Schamong


Every URBAN LOFT has a locally famous coffee partner. At Cologne, it’s Schamong.  

The oldest coffee roasting house in Cologne. A colourful dog in the cathedral city. And our energy tank for the Loft. You simply have to like SCHAMONG. Not least because of its terrific taste. In 2019, Crema magazine named the business "Roastery of the Year". When you taste the coffee, you'll know why.

SCHAMONG, Fair Trade of course. Drink coffee and do good!

With our partner Vytal, our coffee in reusable cups is also available to go!

Gratis Kaffee & Wasser

Free Water & Coffee

Life comes from water. Creativity from coffee.

We want guests to feel at home in Cologne. Like they’re part of community. Connected to the city. That’s why we curate URBAN food and partner with a local roastery for our premium coffee offering. But we also offer some free essentials. For those times when you just need to hydrate. To get down to business. For hotel guests from 11.30 pm to 11.30 am for free. 

Grab and Go

Grab & Go

Opened 24/7

Life moves fast. So do you. That’s why our Grab & Go is open 24/7.  

Cologne is incredible. Of course you want to leave quickly, there's so much to see. But make sure you pack something tasty from our Grab & Go Bar.

Don't worry, we don't serve standard supermarket chips or boring sandwiches. Everything at Grab & Go is selected for you. Here you'll find products with a surprise effect. Your literal taste of Cologne. Everything to go.