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The "green thread" that runs through the entire URBAN LOFT


We will not clean your room, until you let us know! - Because we love sustainability.

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow."

Simply hang the door hanger on the outside of your door until 3pm and use the room cleaning service only on the days you need it.


In cooperation with the company ADA Cosmetics, we have also chosen the "green" way in the field of cosmetic products. An innovation in this area is the upcycling of natural products, which form the basis for the fragrance oils used.

For example, the soap we select consists of 3 basic raw materials, such as musk, amber and cedar wood. Cedar wood oil is the naturally occurring essential element. The oil is obtained by the physical separation process of partial pressure steam distillation. No additives, solvents or chemicals are used at any stage of the recovery process. The raw materials are trees and stumps, which are removed by the farmers during their "brush cleaning", as this tree is considered too invasive.

This is how CITRUS FLORAL WOODY is created. And while you enjoy your soap ritual, the planet becomes cleaner! This makes your hand washing refreshing, fragrant and lasting. The beautiful scent of this liquid is 100% produced by an innovative upcycling process. Among other things with lemon, lime, sandalwood and cedar wood.

At URBAN LOFT Berlin, we also use the razor, vanity set, toothbrush, comb and file from the "Think, Act & Live Responsibly" collection. Products with an improved environmental footprint. The Acessoires range helps hoteliers as well as travelers to participate in creating a better world. In doing so, the carefully designed accessories embody four essential areas of responsible action and living. These include the avoidance of plastic and unnecessary packaging materials, the use of durable materials and products with multi-purpose character, the preferential use of recycled materials and materials that are in turn recyclable, and the use of vegetable soy paint and renewable raw materials.

Read more about ADA COSMETICS

Pillows & Duvets

With our bed linen in the URBAN LOFT from our partner Finest Linen you will sleep in 7th heaven. A clear conscience and an absolutely clean feeling are on top of it.

Produced from materials tested for harmful substances. Produced in environmentally friendly factories. Produced in safe and socially acceptable workplaces.


Staff Shirts

We also want to make our staff shirts sustainable and urban.

The result is T-shirts, longsleeves and sweatshirts with the Berlin skyline printed on the chest and our company logo on the back. The fair fashion label doublethewears supplied us with these pieces. They are made of cotton and produced in Germany. Therefore, long transport routes are eliminated, we save CO2 and the supply chain is paid fairly.

Fair fashion is the future of fashion, also in the uniform sector.

Read more about doublethewears

Eco friendly Key Cards

Our Roomkeys are environmentally friendly RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key cards made from wood or bamboo that are easily degradable in nature.

They are the first in the industry to be certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and hold the patents for invention in Germany, France, Australia, Japan and China.

Our eco-friendly key cards strive to be more sustainable. They are durable, reusable and offer unique aesthetics.

Reusable Jute Bag

The bag - you will find it in every room. Use it during your stay. For shopping or just to look cool.

Pay 5€ if you want to take our amazing Eco-Bag with you - to your city.

Urban Loft Berlin


We love digital. Everything that is not absolutely necessary, will not be printed.

The invoice is sent to you via e-mail.

Thanks to our digital check-in, new internal checklists and processes, we only need 26 sheets of paper a day. So we save 182 sheets of paper a day, 5460 in a month and about 65.520 in a year.

Coffee People


Specialty coffee roasting company from Berlin. High quality standards. For product and service.

Thoughtful of environmental impact. Mindful of social impact.

Our energy tank for the LOFT. You've got to like Five Elephant. When you taste the coffee, you'll know why.



Eliminates the environmental impact of bottled water. By using Purezza, the supply chain of bottles from the mineral water well to the beverage wholesaler and middleman to the catering industry is eliminated. In addition, the environmental impact of chemical bottle cleaning, transport, return, relocation and disposal of empties is eliminated.

This vision makes it possible to remove 30 million plastic bottles from the global hospitality supply chain every year, contributing to a more sustainable hospitality world.

At UBRAN LOFT Berlin, we also rely on Purezza!