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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of acrylic painting by Laura Lass! On 6 March 2024 6.00PM till 10.00PM, the URBAN LOFT Berlin invites you to the vernissage, where the talented artist will present her latest works. You'll get a Welcome Drink (Pinky Cocktail) for free!

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Laura Lass Gemälde
Laura Lass Bilder


Artwork in the bathrooms

Schilili belongs to the young artists inside the Berlin scene.

She has studied design / INTERIOR direction (interior design) in Hanover, since 2019 she works as a freelance artist & graphic designer in Berlin.

Her work is thematically very diverse. In the last months she worked under the artist name Schilili on themes like LGBT, Pride, Freedom, Diversity & Individuality. She creates her images manually and masters techniques such as pencil (graphics), acrylic, watercolor, pastel as well as oil. However, working digitally on a graphics tablet is also a favorite way to express art, especially for print art in larger editions and copies.

She finds it exciting to use art in diverse interiors, whether public or private, in spaces to enliven them. She finds it fascinating how a part of an interior can be complemented by art, or act as a unique individual piece!  

Schilili also focuses on graphic art, where old, modern and inspiring motifs of the city of Berlin come together. In addition, as an artist, she also deals with photography and likes to incorporate it into artistic projects.

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Musterzimmer Kunst
Urban Loft Berlin Gemälde

Olaf Hayek

Flower prints above the beds

Olaf Hajek is a German-based illustrator, painter, artist, graphic designer and author. His work shows strong influences from Frida Kahlo, Botticelli and Cuban advertising posters from the 1960s. Most of Hajek's gallery and art exhibitions take place in Berlin, where he mainly works. So it was clear that we also wanted to represent him at URBAN LOFT Berlin

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Urban Loft Berlin Zimmer Aussicht
Urban Loft Berlin Zimmer
Urban Loft Berlin Zimmer

Foxy Studios

In the Liftlandings

Steffi Stagge has been working as a freelance graphic artist and designer in Berlin for over 15 years. She embodies the Berlin zeitgeist and impresses us with her eye for detail.

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Urban Loft Berlin Impression
Urban Loft Berlin

Anna Mirkin

Painting in the LOFT

Anna Mirkin is a versatile artist with a focus on connecting the digital and physical worlds. Her creative range spans various media such as installation art, textiles, drawing, new media, mural painting and performance. Her art is dedicated to the connections between personal identity, memory and the collective subconscious. She skilfully uses pop aesthetics to reflect on cultural symbols and their underlying power structures.

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